Active Multi Plants Facial Oil.
Active Multi Plants Facial Oil.
Active Multi Plants Facial Oil.

Multi Plants Facial Oil - Active

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A combination of luxurious plant oils. 100% natural, 100% vegan. This highly moisturizing formula is rich in Omega’s 6, 9 and multivitamins to help support skin health, lock in moisture, while Vitamins A and E fight free radical damage, preventing premature ageing. Despite its indulgent formula, this superfood facial oil is feather-light and easily absorbs into skin, leaving no oily residue behind. A little goes a long way! Simply massage into damp skin.


 Percentage of natural ingredients: 100%


* What’s made of:

- Moringa Oil

- Abyssinian Oil

- Kukui Oil

- Olive Squalane

- Apricot Kernel Oil

- Vitamin E



* Little knowledge of the ingredients:

- Moringa Oil: Known as the 'Miracle Tree', all parts of the fascinating Moringa Tree are used for their nutritive and medicinal properties. The seeds, in particular, contain around 40% oil, the use of which has been documented by several ancient cultures. 

- Abyssinian Oil: Abyssinian Oil is easily absorbed into the epidermal tissue generating a very noticeable smooth texture to the skin. Even in the case of highly wrinkled and/or exceptionally dry skin, it makes a significant improvement in tone and texture.

- Kukui Oil: Kukui oil has been used on the island of Hawaii for centuries, after first being introduced by Polynesian settlers. Traditionally, Kukui was used to protect the skin of babies from sun, salt, and other elements and was a favoured massage oil for Hawaiian Royalty.

- Olive Squalane: Squalene is a naturally occurring compound produced by all plants and animals including humans. It has many functions in the body including acting as a precursor for various hormones and Vitamin D. Olive Squalane helps to replenish the natural levels in the skin and can help to restore a more youthful appearance.


Net. Weight: 30ml 


All ingredients: Moringa oil, Abyssinian oil, *apricot kernel oil, kukui oil, olive squalane,  Vitamin E, tea tree essential oil

*Certified organic ingredients.


Direction: Squeeze 3 drops onto your fingertips, rub together then gently pat onto your damp face and neck. Or put 2-3 drops of your facial oil in your moisturizer and apply on damp skin.


Storage: Kept out of direct sunlight and humidity,  please used within 1 year after opening.


*All of the products are designed in travel size, portable and easy to be taken in the carry-on bags, so you can always keep your skincare handy.


*Our products come with recyclable packaging, please recycle the container or reuse them.



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